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A very warm welcome to the 'Inspiring Beautiful Minds Conversations' website!

We offer tailor-made Insight-Out educational coaching and mentoring sessions. Our prevention-focused approach allows for the early identification of any concerns relating to well-being and provides resources and guidance for early intervention. One of our main objectives is to equip every person we work with, with an experiential understanding of how internally powerful they are.

Our starting point is that no one is broken. The thinking patterns, and narratives we get stuck in, result in thoughts and feelings about brokenness and imperfection. We, however, are more than any of these limiting thoughts. 


The 'Inspiring Beautiful Mind Conversations'  programme, is built from decades of learning and most of all, experience. Our clients learn about how internally robust and resilient they are. That mental health is inbuilt. 

We believe that:

  • The educational experience transforms into a WHOLE experience when it includes, learning about how the human operating system works.  An understanding of how the mind works can empower and help navigate every aspect of life. Many of us did not learn this at school.

  • Real success is when EVERY aspect of life works, not just our academic or professional life. This begins with the relationship we have with ourselves.  All other relationships fall into place when we are comfortable, confident and secure within ourselves. 

  • When the mind works well, everything works well. There is no area of life that is not impacted by robust mental health and well-being. Seriously are there any exceptions? We think not.

  • Everyone is born with innate mental health, well-being and resilience. Our worth is never in question. No one is ever broken or damaged. Our lack of understanding and awareness of how the mind works is an issue of real concern, and this can be fixed. It is NEVER too late. We work with children from seven years old to adults near retirement.

  • The best investment we can make for ourselves is to invest in learning about our innate mental health, well-being and resilience.

  • The IBMC educational programme will move you from any form of conflict, criticism, competition and comparison to collaboration, compassion, confidence, courage and creativity. Our wellbeing-based education programme merges neuroscience with ancient and modern philosophy and wisdom. It is based on a simple coaching model that uses construction principles, and it is evidence-based. 

Our Coaching Principles:


  • IBMC is bespoke and completely tailored around you, and whatever stage of life you are in. Time is spent initially to build rapport and collect information that will result in a programme that incorporates your individuality. 

  • Sessions are led by outstanding practitioners with a passion for the subject.

  • The programme incorporates robust leading-edge neuroscience science with philosophical wisdom.

  • Knowledge from the programme will lead to experiential evidence of principles that are timeless and powerful.

  • An uncompromising commitment to confidentiality.

Our sessions, workshops and bespoke consultancy have supported:

  • Families

  • Corporate and Private Organisations

  • Learning and Development facilitators

  • Educators- Leaders, managers, teachers and trainee teachers.

  • Discerning Individuals involved in demanding sectors and industries.

  • Human Resources.


Clients we have worked with, teamed up, with or are working alongside: 

Association of School and College Leaders, Barnados, GallifordTry Construction, Hafren Ousque Associates, Magnus Lloyd International Recruitment,  NHS England, The Skills and Education Group, Vision West Nottingham College and West Midlands Police. 


For bespoke solutions, workshop training, coaching sessions and advisory services please contact us directly with your requirements.




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