We offer tailor-made Insight-Out sessions and solutions for both individuals and organisations. Our programmes offer support and guidance on mental health, wellbeing and resilience to leaders, managers, educators, human resources, parents and young people. 

We believe that:

  • The educational experience is never complete until we learn the one subject that can empower us and help us navigate every aspect of our life. That subject is Mind.

  • When the mind works well, everything works well.

  • Everyone is born with innate mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Our worth is never in question. No one is ever broken or damaged. 

  • It is never too late to take this subject. 

  • The best investment we can make is in learning about our innate mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

  • This understanding transforms our relationship with ourselves, our families, our partners and the organisations we work within. We move from any form of conflict, criticism, competition and comparison to collaboration, compassion, confidence, courage and creativity. 


The focus of training whether on an individual basis or with organisations, is to enhance wellbeing. In-Sight is a wellbeing based training programme that merges neuroscience with ancient and modern philosophy and wisdom. Focused entirely on Mindset, it is based on a simple coaching model that is evidence-based. Everything works well when the mind works well. 

Our Coaching Principles:

  • Always an intimate group setting, of usually no more than 12 delegates, allowing collaborative and networking opportunities, and learning. (this can be increased as long as the quality is not diluted)

  • Training that incorporates robust leading-edge science with philosophical wisdom.

  • Led by outstanding practitioners with a passion for their subject.

  • Knowledge that leads to experiential evidence of principles that are timeless and powerful.

  • An uncompromising commitment to confidentiality.

  • A round table in-depth discussion approach.


Our sessions, workshops and bespoke consultancy have supported:

  • Corporate and Private Organisations 

  • Learning and Development facilitators

  • Educators- Leaders, managers and trainee teachers.

  • Discerning Individuals involved in demanding sectors and industries

  • Aspiring Leaders and Visionaries. 


Inspiring Beautiful Minds: “Learn to Understand and Work with The Most Powerful Device in The World – Your Mind”

We have worked with Pattoss, GallifordTry, Magnus Lloyd International Recruitment, Association of School and College Leaders, Vision West Nottinghamshire College, NHS England and Hafren Ousque Associates


For bespoke solutions, workshop training and advisory services please contact us directly with your requirements.