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"Inspiring Beautiful Minds"

As a parent or guardian, are you concerned about your child for any of the following:

  • ​Academic performance, choices and pressures: Is this causing stress and anxiety for your child? Are they avoiding their studies or finding the workload overwhelming or challenging? Or even not challenging enough? 

  • Bullying and peer pressure: Are you worried about your child's ability to manage and handle bullying behaviours and difficult relationships with peers?

  • Friendship issues: Are you concerned about friendships that are causing your child anxiety? Are you worried about their inability and lack of assertiveness to handle difficult people? Or are you worried that they are experiencing difficulties with making and or maintaining friendships? Are they finding conflicts difficult to handle? Have they started to display approval-seeking and people-pleasing tendencies? Have they become withdrawn?

  • Emotional Regulation: Is your child finding it difficult to manage and regulate their emotions?

  • Social Media: Are you worried about exposure to inappropriate content, as well as the myriad of other concerns around online platforms?

  • Transition periods and change: Do you have concerns about your child's wellbeing during transition periods such as changing schools, or transitioning to college or university? It isn't uncommon for parents to worry about their child's ability to adapt to new environments or make new friends. Transition periods also include changes in family dynamics due to divorce or separation between parents. Is your child feeling pressured by any changes within your family? 

If any of the above are causing you concern, let us assure you, that you are in the right place for support and guidance!

We believe that prevention is key. The earlier we can support children, the better the outcome! Life comes with its inevitable challenges. We can't change this. What we can do, is equip children with a timeless toolkit to help them navigate and manage whatever challenges come their way. We want children to know that they can face these challenges, and surmount them. They can bounce forward with a new understanding and therefore thrive in the process. THIS IS POSSIBLE. Even if right now, you are worried about any of the above, the IBMC approach will help your child see ALL those concerns from a very different perspective. A health-inducing perspective. 

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