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Inspiring Beautiful Mind Conversations for Adults: A Whole Mind Approach To High Performance & Wellbeing 

IBMC for adults is a prevention-based well-being programme. It focuses on the maintenance of high performance without compromising mental health. It creates clarity around what constitutes long term sustainable mental health and well-being so that people are happy and successful in EVERY area of their life.

Awareness of how we work internally can change lives and save lives.


IBMC is a whole mind educational approach to mental health and wellbeing that completes the education most of us didn't receive.  It's the missing link in our education. Imagine buying a great raincoat and then finding out the hood is missing. IBMC is the hood.

We believe that the subject of mental health requires as much attention to detail as all other subjects and in fact, more. When we have an awareness of how our thoughts and emotions work internally so that we can understand both the negative and positive dynamics, this awareness can not only change lives it can save lives too. 

IBMC focuses on cultivating self-awareness and an understanding of how the human operating system works within all human beings. It amalgamates ancient and modern philosophy, wisdom and neuroscience. 


IBMC will prepare individuals and teams with the essential knowledge required to be successful in both their professional and personal life. It only takes one person to make a difference to an organisation, a family or a relationship. Collaboratively we help each other become calmer and more confident, and so work better together without performance being diminished. 

The IBMC content is delivered mainly through conversations using several original and potent images. Our approach is bespoke, relaxed and informal. 

Programme Title: A Whole Mind Approach to High Performance & Wellbeing

Content includes:

  • Introducing The Whole Mind Approach Using The House Model

  • The Split Mind Approach v The Whole Mind Approach

  • Living Inside The House Model

  • Thought Recognition

  • The Default Setting on Mental Health and Wellbeing 

  • Mental Clarity v A Busy Mind

  • The Wisdom of The Heart.

  • Understanding the Link Between Thoughts, Emotions and Moods

  • Old Narratives, Programming and Personality

  • Being Offline & Online

  • Masters or Victims. Creators or Reactors

  • Choice Points

  • It's Not Personal

  • Levels of Understanding 

  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Obstacles to Wellbeing 

  • What we Can and Cannot Control

  • The Internal Navigation System

  • Embodying Presence and Inner Stillness

  • Gratitude, Forgiveness, Letting Go, Prayer and Meditation

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Let's Work Together

Please make contact by email or telephone for a bespoke provision that caters directly to your needs. 

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