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I recently spent 3 days with Mariyah focusing on mind-sets. I have worked in learning and development for many years, but can honestly say that this was one of the most powerful learning experiences of my life!  Mariyah is an absolute joy – she has a wonderfully calming coaching approach, is empathetic and intuitive and is quite frankly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the mind. She is so creative and passionate about her work; helping individuals and organisations realise the power wellbeing and self-worth. It’s evident that she lives and breathes what she does. I had many, many ‘a-ha’ moments during my short time with Mariyah and learnt so much about the relationship  I have with myself, and others.  My relationships, in and out of work will be hugely benefitted as a result. It’s early days, but I have witnessed so many positive changes in such a short space of time and I feel that because of Mariyah’s guidance and knowledge,  I have the confidence to approach people and situations in a completely different way. What I have learnt will certainly stay with me for years to come. I promise you, Mariyah helps you look at things in a completely different way – it’s been life-changing and an absolute pleasure. - Sara Arnold, People Development Manager Vision West Nottingham College

Mariyah helped us through a brand new initiative with a really diverse group of people in the room.  Her attentive nature combined with a wealth of knowledge steered us gently and expertly through our voyage of discovery.  Mariyah encouraged everyone in the room to become immersed in the subjects we were discussing and ensured we all gained value from the session.  I personally enjoyed being able to share my story and to be able to challenge some of the more traditional thinking that I felt was holding us back and felt supported and encouraged to do so in a safe space where everyone was able to be completely open and honest – a rare feeling in most of the workshops I have been a part of and this is undoubtedly down to the skill and passion Mariyah has!

- Danny Brown, Project Director, Galliford Try plc

Mariyah and I sat down to look at my personal outlook towards a developing consultancy role and where my positive drivers were being counterbalanced by in-built or learned thought trains and behaviours. I have to say Mariyah is very proficient in seeking out all trains of thought we have, finding where they have arisen, and in teaching us to retain only those which are relevant to retain. This brings to the forefront what is worthwhile, whilst dispensing with irrelevant and unhelpful detail, clarifying purpose and motivation to target energy in the areas it is needed. A very worthwhile experience.  

- Simon Shuker, Hafren Ousque Associates

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