Below is a collection of kind words gratefully received from various coaching engagements:

I really look forward to the sessions and am finding them so inspirational. Learning about the whole mind approach has given me the tools to re-evaluate my mindset. With deeper exploration, I am beginning to see how I've innocently let my inner voice rule my actions and how often I made my decisions and formulated opinions from 'the basement". With Mariyah's guidance, I am starting to 'catch myself in the act', and stop and think about things with more clarity which is helping me not only in my professional life but in my personal life too. I often allowed myself to be directed by my inner voice within family situations such as the constant demands of family members on my time. I wasn't allowing myself permission to put myself first for a change. I have started to help others within my work by sharing this wisdom with the families I support and I can see that it is making a positive impact on them also. I would definitely recommend this training to others as it has been invaluable to me. I am beginning to view myself in a completely different way and this has helped me to develop a more positive outlook. I no longer want to take 'the train down south'!

Lindsay Cotton, Family Support Worker, Barnardos.

I always used to get upset about what people said to me. My friends used to help me when I’d get hurt but as they were overprotective they would end up getting hurt too. Whenever I told my parents they would go to school and talk to the teachers but whenever they mentioned what happened to me I would get more upset and cry. Now, I’m braver and more confident. Whenever someone says something to me now it doesn’t affect me like it used to. The people that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore and don’t pick on me. That’s because they can see that I am not affected by anything they say to me. The key thing I’ve learned is that my mind is my superpower. Whenever I get moody I can usually catch myself now and I remember what I learned in the sessions. 

Batoul, aged 10 almost 11.

Thank you Mariyah for all your support and coaching sessions with our daughter. It has helped her grow in her confidence. She has become much more interactive in school and now finds school really enjoyable. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's been wonderful having you help us and we wish you all the best with your IBMC coaching Programme for children.

Batoul's Parents, Mr & Mrs Ahmed

It has been a pleasure attending the ‘Inspiring Beautiful Minds Conversations’ with Mariyah this year, and unlocking the holistic approach to life, well-being and its potential challenges in our everyday thinking.   I have always been keen to understand how our minds work, and why we react as we do. The IBMC has empowered me as a woman in leadership to connect to the truth and understand the importance of self-worth, resilience and well-being, as an individual and as a leader. Mariyah is an excellent listener, very knowledgeable and delivers in a creative, inspirational and visually recognisable way, always allowing time for your thoughts and feelings to be discussed, resulting in pragmatic solutions.   The positive energy and beliefs Mariyah exudes make you believe you can master anything. (And you can...if you are whole-minded!) This concept will stay with me and I would highly recommend to others. Time well spent.

Nikki Slack,  Assistant principal at Vision West Nottinghamshire College

I must admit that I was sceptical about the training and wondered what the benefits would be. However, after our sessions, I am now a convert and have really valued the sessions. I am able to apply the lessons learnt in my own life, my family life and in my role as a line manager and leader. I have found the ideas most helpful in thinking about how I manage my team, particularly when I know that they feel under significant pressure at times. I am regularly putting what I have learnt into practice in the way I manage my team and myself and for this reason, I would recommend the programme.

Jon Fearon, Executive Finance Director.

I attended Mariyah's 2 hours "Inspiring Beautiful Minds" at the Black Country CIPD and found the event insightful and motivating. We have been looking at resilience and wellbeing within the organisation, and the message behind Mariyah's talk was the most enabling strategy to self-help I have encountered so far. 

Lisa Makin St.Michael's Hospice, Herefordshire.


Mariyah helped us through a brand new initiative with a really diverse group of people in the room.  Her attentive nature combined with a wealth of knowledge steered us gently and expertly through our voyage of discovery.  Mariyah encouraged everyone in the room to become immersed in the subjects we were discussing and ensured we all gained value from the session.  I personally enjoyed being able to share my story and to be able to challenge some of the more traditional thinking that I felt was holding us back and felt supported and encouraged to do so in a safe space where everyone was able to be completely open and honest – a rare feeling in most of the workshops I have been a part of and this is undoubtedly down to the skill and passion Mariyah has!

Danny Brown, Project Director, Galliford Try plc.

Mariyah and I sat down to look at my personal outlook towards a developing consultancy role and where my positive drivers were being counterbalanced by in-built or learned thought trains and behaviours. I have to say Mariyah is very proficient in seeking out all trains of thought we have, finding where they have arisen, and in teaching us to retain only those which are relevant to retain. This brings to the forefront what is worthwhile, whilst dispensing with irrelevant and unhelpful detail, clarifying purpose and motivation to target energy in the areas it is needed. A very worthwhile experience.  

Simon Shuker, Hafren Ousque Associates.


It has been an absolute pleasure having Mariyah at the college this year to launch her ‘Inspiring Beautiful Minds Conversations’ programme with all of our Executive Directors, as well as running it for some of our senior leaders and HR & People Development teams too.  The IBMC programme provides a wide range of thought-provoking facts and fascinating insights from how and why our minds and brains work the way they do, to what we can do to adopt a whole-mind approach in our everyday thinking, whilst managing the intrusive and toxic thoughts we all have. Mariyah is a skilled facilitator and engaging communicator who naturally creates a trusted environment for delegates. She uses wonderful imagery and captivating storytelling throughout the programme that cultivates inclusive discussion, challenges individuals to be true to themselves and helps to shine the light on the transformative changes that can be made.  I highly recommend Mariyah Husayn & Associates for both organisational and individual life-enhancing experiences.  

Suzanna Smith, Executive Director of HR & Organisational Development.


I have known Mariyah for more than ten years, first in her capacity as a teacher of Law. Back then I was impressed by her philosophy of education, which was centred upon a wholistic sense of the student, focused upon their wellbeing as part of their learning. Her approach garnered colleagues’ support, and she went on to lead a College-wide roll out of her strategy to maximal effect - not only on students but staff too. I continue to be impressed by Mariyah’s steadfast commitment to the nurture of other people in their goals. Drawing upon a wealth of accrued wisdom from multiple sources, Mariyah helps people to develop, move on and prosper. I’ve seen this work with others, and it’s contributed to my own advancement too. 

Dr Stephen Parker, Professor of the History of Religion and Education at the University of Worcester.

The sessions have proved to be a really positive reinforcement for the way I like to operate.  In 29 years of education there is only one other piece of training that really stayed with me. It was (somewhat bizarrely) some advanced driver training. It revolved around finding a calm place in your mind, centre yourself in the moment and just let the situation flow past you.  The reason I mention this is that I have a suspicion that I will be recalling Mariyah’s training in the same light over future years and suggesting to others to try and adopt the whole mind approach.  While I can’t promise I’ll use the same terminology or Mariyah’s very eloquent ways of getting people to this point in their thinking – I think the concepts are sufficiently valuable that they will stay with me. Thanks for the opportunity to undertake this training!  The time was very well spent. 

Gavin Peake Executive Director of IT & Estates. 

Anyone who has the good fortune to cross paths with Mariyah is sure to be touched deeply by her overwhelming compassion for the human condition and her ability to truly listen and hold space for others. Mariyah is present in the moment, insightful and guided by love and light in all that she does and says. Spending time in her company-in person or virtually-leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and more empowered to follow your own intuition. She is a mirror who beautifully reminds us to invest the same kindness, time and energy we bestow upon others to be the best versions of ourselves.

Helen Larkin, Head of Social Sciences Associate Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Achievement. Al Yasmina Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mariyah is a clear demonstration of a person that offers a truly holistic approach to life and it’s potential challenges. Having known Mariyah for many years, I can say with absolute certainty that her intuitive ability to understand the unspoken is a true gift, which will continue to enhance the lives of those that work with her. Mariyah’s passion for creativity is interwoven in all that she does, and makes the time spent with her incredibly enjoyable. Trust in all aspects of life builds the foundation of every relationship, and without doubt I trust Mariyah explicitly.

Andy Garland Senior Psychotherapist, Therapies & Training South Wales.

I had the joy of working with Mariyah for ten months. She has incredible humanity and empathy, and a true talent for helping those around her feel better about themselves and what they can bring to the workplace and to the lives of others. She has a clear passion and expertise for education, a deep understanding of how good relationships can support high performance and a great instinct for improving well-being in the workplace. 

Andrew Cropley, Principle of Vision West Nottinghamshire College. 

I had been suffering from anxiety for several months when I contacted Mariyah. By listening to me attentively she helped me to see how my thoughts were causing my anxious feelings. We focused on how the mind works and how I was using my mind. She helped me see that I have a choice about the type of thinking I pay attention to. This gave me the necessary knowledge and confidence to work with my mind with more awareness. I have felt much more better since. Whilst I still experience anxiety, I now understand why and how to respond in much healthier ways.

Neelam Shahnood, Maternity Support Worker, W. Midlands

I have known Mariyah for a number of years and without fail her open, optimistic and calm demeanor always put me in a positive frame of mind.  She is a true professional and it is obvious from the outset that she cares deeply and passionately about those she works with. She guides and assists them to harness the power of self to overcome difficulties and she inspires me greatly because her thoughtful, thorough and creative approach always leads to good outcomes.

Craig Stephenson, Director of commission Services & Chief Advisor to the Presiding Officer, Wales.

I recently spent 3 days with Mariyah focusing on mind-sets. I have worked in learning and development for many years, but can honestly say that this was one of the most powerful learning experiences of my life!  Mariyah is an absolute joy – she has a wonderfully calming coaching approach, is empathetic and intuitive and is quite frankly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the mind. She is so creative and passionate about her work; helping individuals and organisations realise the power wellbeing and self-worth. It’s evident that she lives and breathes what she does. I had many, many ‘a-ha’ moments during my short time with Mariyah and learnt so much about the relationship  I have with myself, and others.  My relationships, in and out of work will be hugely benefitted as a result. It’s early days, but I have witnessed so many positive changes in such a short space of time and I feel that because of Mariyah’s guidance and knowledge,  I have the confidence to approach people and situations in a completely different way. What I have learnt will certainly stay with me for years to come. I promise you, Mariyah helps you look at things in a completely different way – it’s been life-changing and an absolute pleasure. 

Sara Arnold, People Development Manager. 

I had no understanding of how coaching could help me until I met Mariyah at a time when I faced significant personal and career challenges. Mariyah truly believes in developing the best in everyone. In fact, as a testament to her coaching I have found that as issues arise, her voice is inside my mind telling me the questions to ask, how to approach the issue positively and asking me what are my desired outcomes.  She truly is an attentive listener as she always encouraged me to open up and talk through my feelings and thoughts on the challenges I faced. Mariyah has transformed my thinking, and as a result, myself.

Nigel Pitchford, Law Lecturer Leeds University and PhD Student at Bradford University

I selected Mariyah as my coach while going through a transition in my career.  I needed a coach who was non-judgemental, calm and yet firm when I needed them to be. Not only does Mariyah have a natural ability to coach but her added value is her positive energy and belief that her clients can master anything they put their minds to. I would highly recommend Mariyah to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams. 

Vicky Dere, Business Consultant, Bath and Avon

Mariyah inspired our daughter to perform very well in her AS exam and, more importantly, to develop a keen interest in the subject.  Unfortunately, our daughter has struggled throughout the sixth form with mental health issues, which have become more challenging in her A2 year.  She received a great deal of support and encouragement from Mariyah, who has always been there for her, willing to listen and offering practical advice.  It has been a great comfort to me to know that our daughter has had an empathetic and supportive coach to work with.

James & Debbie Barwell

Mariyah has a rare and valuable talent. Through working with her, I made breakthroughs in my self development, which continue to have a significant positive impact. I would describe Mariyah as an excellent listener, highly knowledgeable, insightful and inspirational. I recommend her whole heartedly as a coach who is at the top of her field.

Neil Lloyd, Director, Zokit

Mariyah has the ability to inspire, motivate and encourage people to make positive changes and achieve their desired outcomes. Using her suggested strategies and techniques to raise the self-esteem and resilence of students with SpLD and mental well-being issues has had a positive impact on the students I support.

Teresa Determann Additional Learning Support Co-ordination and Specialist Teacher – PATOSS

Mariyah’s assistance and belief in me is partly a  reason for my success stories today. I deal with situations with more awareness and self esteem, this is because I often reflect back to her positive words. Her coaching changed my life incredibly. She was open minded and never made me feel judged, it helped that she understood the challenges of life within the Asian culture too and could guide me accordingly.

Iram Riaz Masters in Law student at the University of Birmingham