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Inspiring Beautiful Mind Conversations for Children.

You Are A Lighthouse.

IBMC for Children is a prevention-based well-being programme designed to unleash self-confidence and resilience. It aims to help children grow up to be successful in EVERY area of their life.

"Awareness of how we work internally can change lives and save lives".

IBMC is a whole mind educational approach to mental health and wellbeing that completes your child's education enabling them to have all that they need to be successful in every area of their life. It's the missing link in our educational learning. Imagine buying a great raincoat and then finding out the hood is missing. IBMC is the hood.


IBMC works alongside the current education system. We believe that the subject of mental health requires as much attention to detail as all other subjects and in fact, more. Awareness of how we work internally can not only change lives it can save lives too. 

IBMC focuses on cultivating self-awareness and an understanding of how the human operating system works within all human beings. It will prepare your child with the essential knowledge required to be successful in both their academic and personal life. It will help safeguard them from many of the issues that young people face today when navigating their thoughts, emotions, moods, social media, other people, and their relationships with those people. When your child understands the workings of their internal psychological system, they will know what is required to tap into the resilience, well-being, and wisdom that is their inherent birthright. Isn't this what every parent would want for their child? A self-aware, confident, resilient, happy, empowered, and successful child? Unfortunately, we can't prevent the inevitable challenges they will encounter in their life. What we can do, is help prepare them to be able to not merely cope, but to thrive through those encounters.

The IBMC content is delivered mainly through conversations using several original and potent images. Our approach is bespoke, relaxed, and informal. Our primary sessions always begin with parents/ guardians first. This is so that we can explain the programme and help ensure that there is an alignment at home that mirrors and helps reinforce the content. 

Format of the programme: "You Are A Lighthouse".

The programme runs during the academic year. Although there are some exceptions. Delivery tends to be between 80 to 90 minutes per session depending on the child. In total there are on average 16 sessions. However, each child is different. We will advise parents where their child may benefit from additional sessions. The final 6 sessions are delivered fortnightly. This helps fade out the remainder of the programme and helps children adapt to the end of the IBMC programme.

The Objectives:

We want children to develop a robust rock steady awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing that they can apply throughout any challenges during their lives. Our objectives are:

  • To raise awareness and promote an understanding of what constitutes mental health and well-being.

  • To build resilience by helping children learn how to adapt and cope with challenges.

  • Promote Self-care by teaching children the importance of looking after their mental and physical well-being.

  • Reduce the stigma around mental health by helping children to see that mental health challenges are normal and that asking for help is encouraged and an essential part of self care.

  • Develop healthy coping strategies. Children will learn various strategies that will help them manage their emotions and navigate their challenges.

  • Foster positive relationships by helping them discern the difference between unhealthy toxic relationships from positive relationships that are life-affirming.

  • Children will learn effective communication and listening skills, emotional regulation, and conflict management.

  • To encourage Self-mastery versus self-abandonment.

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Let's Work Together

Please make contact by email or telephone for a bespoke provision that caters directly to your needs. 

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