Today I work as wellbeing coach and consultant, specialising in helping clients connect back up to their whole mind, and live, work and play using a heart centred, inside-out approach. I have found that when people understand how to operate the most powerful device they own – their mind, then optimal wholesome living is a result. They naturally connect back to their innate wisdom, inner resilience and mind wellbeing. The training I have designed, utilises effectively, the common threads underlying neuroscience and ancient and modern philosophy, spirituality and wisdom. I have been on a fascinating journey along the road of personal development for 10 years, as a student, a seeker and a client, and tried so many modalities, so that you don’t have to. My hope is that my own journey will save you precious time. This training is an amalgamation of what has worked best on a sustainable level, for me and for my clients.


 After an 18 year career within FE education, I made a decision in June 2019 to leave a senior leadership role and focus entirely on what matters to me the most - mind wellbeing. At each stage of my career, mental wellbeing was always of paramount importance to me. My own, and that of others. For my continuing professional development, I explored NLP, Coaching and Mentoring, Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Byron Katie’s The Work and Mindfulness. I incorporated each of these within my work with leaders, managers, teachers and students, as well as within my personal life. Each had benefits for a time.

One of my final projects as Director of Student Services, which I initiated, under the support and encouragement of an inspiring Principal, Andrew Cropley, was to enhance our support service for learners with mental health issues. As a result, students with significant mental health issues, were able to access support from therapists thus ‘bridging the gap’ between diagnosis and external support.  Most of our personal tutors and learning support mentors were trained to understand mental health better. The college was one of the only colleges in Birmingham to offer such a service at the time.

I began my career within the legal profession. After a few years I moved into education. Having initially taught law to Legal Executives and teenagers, I identified an important need for more than just imparting my subject specialism by contributing valuable resources for the wellbeing of students.

I am now committed to inspiring ‘beautiful minds’ by helping people learn how best to unleash their inherent mental wellbeing, and self-worth. This continues to be demonstrated in my current role, as founder of my own Personal Learning and Development Practice. When I'm not spreading sunshine by helping others be their best selves, you will find me happily dabbling in art, books, travel, or socialising with my beautiful family and friends.