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Despite all the interventions, resources and strategies designed to reduce mental health statistics, the issue continues to escalate. Why is this? Until the subject of "Mind & Innate Resilience" is taught at every level of the curriculum, mental health issues will continue to rise. This subject is much too important for it to be a few slides on a tutorial presentation.  Empowerment comes from knowing ourselves and unless we learn about our mind, how can we ever know who we truly are or understand anyone else?


I spent years retraining in an array of psychological modalities and I used this knowledge in the classroom with students, parents, trainees and newly qualified teachers and with colleagues. One of my final projects as Director of Student Services was to enhance our support service for learners with mental health issues. As a result, students with significant mental health issues were able to access support from therapists at the college, thus ‘bridging the gap’ between diagnosis and external support.  Most of our personal tutors and learning support mentors were trained to understand mental health better. The college was one of the only colleges in Birmingham to offer such a service at the time.

Today I work as an Optimal Mind Educator specialising in helping clients connect to



In June 2019, after 18 years in Education, I made a decision to leave a senior leadership role and focus entirely on a subject that means the most to me - mind mechanics and wellbeing. At each stage of my career, mental wellbeing was always of paramount importance.

their whole mind, and live, work and play using a heart centred, inside-out approach. I share this understanding with leadership teams, with engineers, finance and HR directors, with businesses, parents, teachers and students. I have found over and over again that when people understand how to operate the most powerful device they own – their mind, then optimal wholesome living is a result. They naturally connect back to their innate wisdom, resilience and mind wellbeing. This results in happier empowered people who cultivate thriving relationships, families and work environments. The training I have designed utilises effectively the common threads underlying neuroscience and ancient and modern philosophy, spirituality and wisdom. I believe this subject is the missing component from the core educational experience of all human beings. The missing link to all our personal and professional problems. 

Learning about the mechanics of the mind is a subject that needs to be taught, in the same way that English and Maths is taught. It needs ample time for exploration, conversations, application and review. Lives depend on it. That’s how important it is. It must be a rock solid foundation upon which all other subjects are built. So that the traditional three Rs in effect become a layer built upon an understanding  of the five Rs. These are: 


  • Innate Resilience. 

  • Relationship with ourselves first and then others. 

  • The process of Relax,Release and Rise.

I am now committed to inspiring ‘beautiful minds’ by helping educate people in the 5 Rs so that they can learn how best to uncover and unleash their inherent mental wellbeing, and self-worth. When I'm not spreading sunshine by doing one of the best jobs in the world, helping others remember their True Identity, you will find me happily dabbling in arts, interiors and architecture, books, travel, cooking or socialising with my beautiful family and friends. 

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