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I Love My Emotions Compass

I love my emotions compass! It’s foolproof. It came with the factory settings, an inspired design. Thank you God! It lets me know moment by moment the quality of my thoughts. I’ve been on certain journeys often enough now, to know the end destination. The anger train, the frustration, agitation or impatience train, rarely lead to sunny or fun climates. So now I’m prepared to wait at the station, choosing not to board. I’m much more discerning. Besides, the ticket price for those trains requires that I recycle the experiences by engaging in the thoughts that created them. Thoughts that are the catalysts for those emotions. And I know what this means! Every additional person I keep regurgitating the unfortunate experience with, means I stay stuck longer. So I don’t pay the price. Instead, I wait. I sit it out. I disengage from the thoughts that took me to this platform. When my mind settles, and it invariably does, because I’ve left my thoughts alone, I move to another platform. From here, I can choose a better destination. I travel north instead of south.

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