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Books Are Beautiful Reminders of Truth

I love books, especially those with words of wisdom and inspiration. And whilst my books are like beautiful companions, they haven’t had the desired effect I believed they would. I thought the more I read, the more positive changes I would create. And honestly, I’ve read a lot and I know that books are a beautiful reminder of truth. But for me, real lasting sustainable change, has come from being more aware. More aware of my mind wanderings and the kinds of thoughts that I give my attention to. It’s been as a result of this kind of mindfulness that I’ve experienced with certainty, the thought choices that lead to peace and joy, and the ones that take me straight to hell. Hell being a place of conflict, despair, irritation, agitation and guilt. I’ve learnt so much from watching myself more closely and observing the thoughts that actually rob me of my peace, and those that don’t. So if you are asking yourself the same questions that I was asking myself, like ‘why am I making the same mistakes, I mean, with everything I’ve read and listened to, shouldn’t I know better?’ Don’t be disheartened. I’ve realised being a librarian of books doesn’t lead to change. Change and transformation comes from awareness and the insights that they bring. Try it. It’s only from actual experience that you’ll see this really does work.

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